Phosphorus Phosphorus


Q. How soon should I book my session?
A. Our calendar fills up pretty quickly for the summer season (June-September). If you are booking engagement, wedding, or birth photography contact us as soon as possible to ensure your date is reserved. For these types of events, a deposit is required to hold your dates. For head shot, senior, and maternity sessions we can usually accommodate your session about 1-3 months in advance.

Q. What do I wear for my session? May I bring multiple outfits?
A. First and foremost, your outfit should make you feel confident and comfortable. Your outfit depends on your shoot, but as a general guideline wear solid colors and bring layering options like scarves, jackets, sweaters, ties, or shawls. We suggest bringing 2-3 outfits in case you aren't sure what to wear or something just isn't working on camera. Note that you may not utilize all clothing options and this determined by the discretion of the photographer. Avoid busy patterns, or at least bring them in addition to more solid options. For head shots, professional clothing is appropriate. For senior shoots, one dressy outfit and one "everyday" outfit is appropriate--wear something that makes you feel like "you." For maternity shoots we will discuss options based on your style and location.

Q. How long does it take to get my photos after the shoot?
A. Part of your investment includes thorough care and attention to the processing and editing of your photos. This includes skin touch-ups, lint removal, and color correction. This is a large part of the photographer's creative process, second to the actual photo shoot. Much time and care (and perfectionist tendencies) are put into the finishing of your photos. This means that you will likely see a "teaser" sample photo shortly after your shoot, but the rest of your photos will be digitally delivered to you within 4-8 weeks, depending on season.

Q. Can you make me skinnier/taller/non-wrinkled in Photoshop?
A. It is part of our philosophy that photos should represent the "you" of right now. While minor skin and wrinkle touch-ups will be done in the normal editing process, we do not offer and body re-shaping through post-process editing. Flattering photos will come from the right clothing matched with the right angles of shooting. Honest photos are also a great way to work on body acceptance, by seeing yourself as you truly are in this moment.

Q. Can I print my own photos?
A. With your contract you are granted full rights to your photos for everything except entering into competitions. We will provide a list of professional, reputable printing labs online and locally, however the choice is up to you.